History Of Firsts...

Part of SEE’s strategy is to be the market leader in bringing new technologies to the Egyptian market and the region

        1986      First Intelligent Data Switch (DPX) (CAPMAS)  
        1986      First High Speed Connection using I-MUX’S (Al-Ahram)         
        1987      First LAN-WAN Delta Inter-network (SUCO)
        1987      First Multi-Segment Multi-Backbone Managed LAN (Enppi)    
        1988      First Meshed Network  (MIC)
        1991      First Router Connection To The Internet (FRCU)
        1991      First Private X.25 Network (ALL AFRICAN)
        1995      First ATM 155 Mbps Network (Info. Sys. Dept.)
        1995      First Voice/Data Over FR Network (Nestle)
        1997      First Layer 3 Switching LAN on F. Ethernet Technology (Sakhr)
        1998      First Gigabit Ethernet (MisrFone)
        2000      First Private Carrier (Frame Relay Service Provider) (Egynet)
        2001      First Complete security Solution (ABC)
        2002      First Cisco IP Call Center (ABC)
        2003      First Cisco IP Wireless Solution (Intercon)
        2004      First Cisco Wireless PAN (Misr Bank)
        2005      First Airspan Wi–MAX…………………………………..
        2007      First Medical Cisco Unified Mobility Solution (AFNCI)
        2008      First InfoVista Performance Centric Solution in Telecom Sector                               (Vodafone)